Information prior to your visit


For the benefit of everyone please follow the signs. 

During normal museum season is parking at the museum parking place free of charge. If the parking lot is full you can park on the meadow just to the left before the entrance to the parking lot.  Please do not park normal cars on the motorhome parking lots. 

During the Viking market is the usual parking lot closed to the public and special paid parking places* are established nearbyu outside the museum area.

Please note that we no longer have an over night Motorhome Site

During the museum opening hours visitors can park their Motor home at the regular parking lot.

Other things of note

Please keep in mind that you are visiting a museum. Our vikinghouses are built up to replicate the real ones of that era. We have tools and equipment inside the houses that are there for handcrafters use only. As a museum visitor you are welcome to visit all the open houses but ask before touching anything. We don´t have everything in a monter/showcase as a regular museum because we want to give you the full experience of how the daily viking life could be. 

Adults are responsible for their children at all times.

Assistants of wheelchair-bound people have free admission. The Viking town consists of reconstructed Viking Age houses which wheelchairs may have difficulties entering and thus can not fully benefit from the Viking town experience.

If you bring an extra wide baby stroller, it may not fit through the door of the entrance shop. If this is the case please contact the staff at the counter so they can open the side gate outside the building for you.

You are allowed to bring dogs but they must be leashed throughout the visit as there may be chickens and sheep freely moving around in the Viking town.

Your own brought food may only be consumed at the tables facing the sea outside the entrance building. Any waste must be placed in the garbage bin at the entrance building. 
Barbecuing is only permitted at the barbecue area (the concrete pipe). NOTE! disposable single use grills are not allowed, only loose charcoal, briquettes or firewood may be used.

The museum's opening hours are 10 am to 5 pm (10.00 - 17.00), but you must enter before 4 pm (16.00) when the entrance shop closes.