History of the Foteviken Museum logotype

In the mid 1980s when the association SVEG was founded we were looking for a suitable logotype for the association. We found the Tullstorp rune stone. The original text on the stone is translated to: Kleppir/Glippir ok Ása reistu kuml þessi eptir Ulf. Which in English would mean: Klibbe and Åsa erected this stone in memory of Ulf. 

With help from a runeologist we changed the text to read: "Björns Vikings sought with Birger and Jacki their friends". 

In the 1990s when Foteviken Museum was founded it came natural to use the great beast on the Tullstorp runestone. We inverted it, turned the head and added the cross, resulting in this logotype. Building on Björns original ideas many people who have worked for the museum have added to this process, from the start Yvonne Nelson and later Danny Bengtsson.

Several variants of the logotype were made over the years, and in 2013 we settled on the current appearance. The guards in our Viking town patrol around with shields having the beast on a red background, so it felt natural to transfer this to our logotype. 

Many people are unaware of what Foteviken Museum is focused on, so we have made a variant, mostly used for marketing, where we have added FOTEVIKEN VIKING MUSEUM. This works well internationally and clearly communicate that this is a Viking museum.