Integrity Policy

Integrity Policy for Foteviken Viking Museum


Nordiska Organisationen för Kulturell förmedling (NOK), organisation number 769625-7471, is responsible for the processing of personal information within the activities of the Foteviken Viking Museum organisations. 

Historisk Mat & Event i SkĂĄne AB (MAT), organisation number 556648-1791, is responsible for processing of personal information related to the booking of special events at the Foteviken Viking Museum facilities. 

Collected data & purpose


Subscribers of the Foteviken Viking Museum newsletter have their name and e-mail address stored by us in order to provide a recipient list for the newsletter. The newsletter is an opt-in service that visitors may subscribe via a form on the Foteviken Viking Museum website. Subscribers may choose to unsubscribe at any time via a special link included in the newsletters, at which point their information is removed from our system. 

The recipient list is shared with the service provider Get a Newsletter, who provide the cloud service we use to send out our newsletter. This information is not shared with any other third party. 

Booking of activities

When booking activities at Foteviken Viking Museum, such as school programmes, guided tours and group activities, we collect and store information about the custumer. This includes the name of the organisation, contact person, e-mail address and phone number. This information is needed for us to plan the activity, contact the customer and collect payment for the provided service. The bookings are archived in our system. 

We also collect information about special needs for the visiting group, such as allergies, disability and other such information that will affect how the activity is planned or carried out. This information is not personal; only the amount of affected members of the group is collected. 

This information is only used in the administration of the Foteviken Viking Museum organisations activities and is not shared with any third party. 

Registration for programme events

Viking re-enactors wishing to particiate free of charge at our annual Viking Market must register in advance. This registration collect information about the participant's name, address, phone number and e-mail address. This information is used to identify the participant and contact them if necessary. The e-mail address is also used to send information regarding the Viking Market. If applicable the car registration number of the participant is also collected, to be able to issue parking permits for the museum parking area during the market, and contact the owner if a car is parked in the wrong place. 

The registration also collects information about date of arrival and departure and what the participant plans to do during the market, such as crafting, selling products, participating in activities, and if they wish to participate in the Feast, and if so require a vegetarian meal. This information is used to provide the participant with a suitable spot in the market area, and to buy food and drink for the breakfast and meals provided to participants. 

After the market is concluded the registrations are archived and used as a basis for planning upcoming markets. 

This information is only used for the activities of Foteviking Viking Museum and not shared with any third party. 


For members of the Viking club Bluetooth we register the name, address and e-mail address to be able to send out information about activities connected to Viking life. This information is stored as long as the person is a member of the club, and then deleted. 

For visitors purchasing the "Friends of the museum" annual membership card we collect the name, address and e-mail address to be able to send out information about activities at the musum. This information is stored for one year from the date of purchase - while the card is valid - and then removed. 


When booking events at the Foteviken Viking Museum facilities we register the organisation name, organisation number, address, web site, phone number and name and e-mail address of the contact person. This information is used to communicate with the customer, to invoice the provided service, and to send out information about offers. 

Visitor statistics

The museum uses the third party service  Google Analytics to collect visitor statistics for our web site. This service uses cookies to track unique visits to the web site. Please see the  Google web site for detaljed information about which information they collect and how it is used. 

Your rights

The information we store is collected directly from the involved party in our shop or on out web site via web forms to subscribe to our news letter or book activities at the museum. 

If your information is registered by Foteviken Viking Museum for these purposes you may request a compilation of all information we have stored about you. If the collected information is inaccurate you may request to have it updated. 

You can request to have your information removed from our records. Depending on its use they may affect the ability of Foteviken Viking Museum to provide you with a specific service. 

Please contact us at or by phone +46 40 330 800 to request a data transcript, updated information or removal of your data.