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Events, parties and other group activities at Foteviken is handled by Fotevikens Muse  um on +46 40330805 or info@foteviken.se
to find out more what we can offer you. 

Museum, cafĂ©, shop, restaurant etc

For more than 25 years we have worked with historic themed experiences in various forms. Fotevikens Kulturcenter acts as the hub for these activities. Through agreements between the various culture organizations at the Foteviken area we have gained a unique opportunity to offer a broad concept including everything from guided tours, games and competitions, team building, conferences and halls for feasts and weddings. Our newest addition is the restaurant and wine bar Smokey Barbecue & Pickles. 

At Foteviken you can enjoy both the fantastic view of the sea and experience history. In our exciting environments both private groups and companies can meet and evolve. The fantastic views provide a spark of energy and makes you remember your conference, team building activity or party long after your visit to Foteviken is over.


Fotevikens Museum
Smokey Barbecue & Pickles
Fotevikens Byalag