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For Vikings

The pages in the For Vikings menu above are for those of you who are re-enactors, both during the early middle ages and the viking era. A re-enactor is someone who wants to make our cultural heritage living in a practical fashion. These pages are also for those who are into historical handicrafts, experimental archaeology and participates in selling goods at markets. If you are interested in becoming a viking reenactor you may also find information here how to make it happen.

The viking town at Foteviken is a renowned place among many re-enactors, domestic as well as foreign. You are always welcome, either for a day or why not stay overnight in one of our viking houses? Just contact us before your arrival and let us know when you want to come. The viking town is a setting where you as a re-enactor can participate.

Foteviken Kulturcenter

Aside from Foteviken Museum the concept Kulturcenter includes Höllvikens community centre, Foteviken holiday village, the restaurant Den Fede Gåsen and the Handicraft Institute of Scania. Click here for more information.

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Vellinge kommun
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Destination Viking
Skånes Hantverksinstitut