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Bulletins from Foteviken

A museum has a history of its own, something often forgotten or hidden in dry annual reports. Here however you may see some of the activities at Foteviken throughout the years in text and images. Welcome to Foteviken!

Many of our older bulletins are only available in Swedish, but here you may find a selection in English.
From now on we will do better.

2013 - Flashbacks of the year and looking forward to what is to come

2003 - The year of 2003

2002 - Viking life at Foteviken in 2002

2001 - Battle of Foteviken

2001 - The Viking year of 2001

2000 - There was a letter...

No 1 - 2014

Foteviken Kulturcenter

Aside from Foteviken Museum the concept Kulturcenter includes Höllvikens community centre, Foteviken holiday village, the restaurant Den Fede Gåsen and the Handicraft Institute of Scania. Click here for more information.

Föreningen SVEG
Vellinge kommun
Destination Viking
Skånes Hantverksinstitut